Bored -_-

2007-10-28 03:32:43 by littleme391

-_- I'm bored. and because of that I decided to submit a Death Note AMV that I did when i was sick from I'm gonna go watch Death Note episode 2 just to make fun of the dubs..

And about the previous post, i was just ranting because of the fact that tons of people were like 'that's gay shit' on a clearly stated yaoi flash (which, I removed on btw) so yesh. I am bored and want to type stuffs (stuffs is my word!) but i have no clue what kinds of stuffs so yea. I'm bored.

And done typing for now.

Your's boredly,
Teh Scribbles

Teh Stuffz

2007-09-09 04:23:20 by littleme391

I like Yaoi, okay! That means that any shit about gay being bad is just a way to make my day a living hell, which I'm sure none of you care about, but when my life is a living hell, my grades suffer, and when my grades suffer, I get grounded from the computer, when I get grounded from the computer it means that you have ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing the fact that I COULD AND PROBABLY HAVE worked on something that you would like. (yuri, hentai, something)

So yeah. Just saying.