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2007-09-09 04:23:20 by littleme391

I like Yaoi, okay! That means that any shit about gay being bad is just a way to make my day a living hell, which I'm sure none of you care about, but when my life is a living hell, my grades suffer, and when my grades suffer, I get grounded from the computer, when I get grounded from the computer it means that you have ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing the fact that I COULD AND PROBABLY HAVE worked on something that you would like. (yuri, hentai, something)

So yeah. Just saying.



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2007-09-09 04:47:59

Are you blaming stupid Newgrounds users for your bad grades?

littleme391 responds:

nope. if you actually read all of it, you would know that I'm just being pissed at the fact that a bunch of horny bastards are asking on a CLEARLY STATED YAOI flash, 'ZOMG PORN? where?! That no porn, that's gay shit, you faggot!' -it's an example, no one has been taht stupid...yet..-


2007-09-09 05:05:38

you like yaoi, huh?
well if you can wright some tell me.
i'm going to make a yaoi rpg based off my LOZ
engine after i finish a few more projects, and ill need i writer.

i like you're naruto stuff btw :3


2007-09-09 19:22:06

well i like her preferences just fine keep up the great work ^_^

and to all the bad reviews saying wheres the hentai WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YAOI MEANS you morons

This U.D. giving you a 10/10 and a 5/5 to all your
Flashes for the rest of my life :D KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK!!!

(P.S. its Very Rare to see girls or women liking yaoi tho ive seen acouple I.R.L.^.^)


2007-09-22 15:31:21

heh heh butts... n_n
but what the crap does anyones retarded opinion about whachu like, make your life a living hell? O_O
I mean someone calls you a stupid fag, then you become an EMO fag cause you now wanna slit your wrists and take a dump in your teacher's lunch, just because your depressed that some fat, perverted, 14 year old, kid on newgrounds got all exited for cartoon porn, to find manga dudes touching each other, and leaves some duchey coment.
Try to concentrate in school... and don't take a crap in your teacher's lunch, my friend did that and got expelled.
i got expelled for a different reason.

littleme391 responds:

lol, I'm not one of those 'I slit my wrist' people (kidding, my older sister would probably literally murder me if I did. 0_o; but you are right about it, and honestly, the begining about the grade suffering is just the build up to me getting grounded so yeah.


2009-06-18 02:04:21